Porlier Pass Provisions provides your link to the southern Gulf Islands. Whether you live on or are visiting this spectacular region of BC we can offer you a number of services that will make your stay more enjoyable and give you peace of mind.

Think of us for: 

  • IMG_2156Water Taxi:
    serving Porlier Pass, Valdes Island, Reid Island, North & South Secretary Islands, Thetis Island.
    Pick-up at two locations: North Galiano Island Government Wharf and Thetis Island
    Available seven days a week, emergency service available 24 hours a day.
  • Building Material Delivery:
    Building a cabin or need to move heavy materials to your property? We can transport goods right to your shoreline.
  • Cabin Security/Home Checks: 
    While everyone would like to be at their cabin on a regular basis all year, the reality for many cabin owners is that visits are limited to long weekends and summer holidays etc. For a small fee of $25/month during the off-season (November – April)
    Porlier Pass Provisions will check your cabin once a month or after any major weather event (i.e. wind over 35 knots, snowfall) for damages, break-ins etc.
  • IMG_0605Mooring Can Inspection and Building:
    Perhaps you need a mooring can built for anchoring your own boat or need your buoy/mooring can inspected? We can provide diving services to inspect your moorage and make sure everything is in order or construct a mooring can for you.  Contact us for rates and availability.
  • Dangerous Tree Removal Services/Clean-up:
    With heavy winds and winter storms, trees are often falling and causing hazards/damages on cabin owners’ properties. If you have a dangerous tree that needs to be removed or require clean-up after a big storm, feel free to contact us.
  • Day Tours/Sightseeing:
    In the summer we are offering sightseeing and day tours to some of the beautiful natural sites around the region. Watch this website for more information coming soon!